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These are real skateboards. Each of our boards comes with wall hangers to easily display them. If you want to skate just add grip tape, trucks, and wheels.

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Liquid Crypto - 3 Pack
Regular price $360.00

Liquid Crypto - Mint Skateboards #001-#003


-The first 3 Crypto boards bundled

Deck Info:

  • 100% Maple Skateboard Deck
  • 7 Ply Construction
  • Skate it or Hang it
  • Deck size 32" length
  • 8.25" width
  • Includes 6 wall mounts (2 per board) + screws
  • Grip tape, wheels, bearings, and trucks not included

Shipping times:

  • USA: 7-14 days (made and shipped in the USA)
  • International: 14-21 days (made and shipped from China)

Non-Fungible Tokens
Mint Skateboard NFTs

Love our physical decks? Check out the NFT versions on Rarible.com. These are rare artworks that come with a discount code and HD picture for each specific design.

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